No Place Like the South: Reasons to Choose Parañaque

December 13, 2022

Most people (not from the south) dismiss it as a place just “too far.” Although part of Metro Manila, it’s often regarded as removed from the rest of the city bustle, but not because of proximity. 

Although it may not seem like it, the southern cities independently has their own central business district. It boasts fine hotels, shopping malls, and quality hospitals, mixing well with quiet residential areas the rest of the metro just doesn’t have. 

The City of Parañaque, in particular, is characterized as a highly-urbanized city, a prime location for aspiring homeowners, business makers, and even families looking to settle down. 

There’s more to the city than just characteristics, though. Here are reasons you need to put Parañaque on top of your list:

Endless Entertainment

Parañaque continues to live up to its name as the “Entertainment City.” Residents in the city enjoy an abundance of malls and boutiques for dining and shopping, along with plazas and parks for leisure walks. For instance, the Tambo Mangroves Aviary Reserve is home to birds and mangroves protected by laws.

Of course, Parañaque is also home to destinations like Okada Manila, a 5-star city resort where you can watch the unparalleled Manila Bay sunset. 

Its growing economy also continues to thrive because of Baclaran, a dry goods industry always bustling with life—be it on a Monday morning or a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Accessible Destinations

A common misconception is that Parañaque’s too far away from the rest of Metro Manila. But in reality, it’s actually connected to Las Pinas, Taguig, Pasay, and Muntinlupa City—meaning that you can easily access the greater part of Manila.

Be it through a private vehicle, bus, or UV Express ride, you’ll easily be able to hop from one destination to another. 

Friendly Neighborhoods 

Although an active part of Metro Manila’s evergreen economy, Parañaque found a way to keep its location primarily residential. It’s home to active residential communities that make living convenient, comfortable, quiet, and affordable. 

A quick jog will take you to the nearest convenience store. And just around the corner will be a mall where you can relax during the weekend. At night, though, you’re sure to be from unwarranted city noise for a restful night.

Real Estate Heaven

With friendly neighborhoods as part of this list, it only follows to add that Parañaque is a real estate heaven! You can choose from districts like Sucat, Don Bosco, BF Homes, and other areas where townhouses, single-detached homes, and condominiums are readily available. 

If you’re a young professional moving out for the first time, Sucat is brimming with condominiums for sale or at affordable rental prices, such as the Azure condo residences. 

On the other hand, BF Homes offers an exclusive community where your parents can provide their children with a good childhood right in the heart of a city. 

Parañaque is a real estate heaven, no matter your lifestyle, budget, or current life milestone. 

Enjoy the Southern Bliss

Often overlooked, Parañaque is a jewel in the south worth exploring. There’s entertainment,  transportation accessibility, friendly neighborhoods, and real estate properties—everything we look for in a modern society!

There’s one for everyone here, especially if you’re looking for a community you can finally call home. 

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