Housify Unveils New Look: A Bold Rebrand for the Ultimate Broker Productivity Suite

September 6, 2023

Change is the essence of progress, and at Housify, we’re excited to announce our rebrand that is set to redefine the real estate landscape. Our beloved broker productivity suite has undergone a significant rebranding, complete with a fresh design, an updated color palette, and a tweaked logo that reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence.

A Revamped Visual Identity

Gone are the days of our traditional orange color scheme. We’ve embraced a dynamic combination of red and blue shades that resonate with energy, trust, and professionalism. This new color palette is carefully chosen to mirror the dynamic nature of the real estate industry and the confidence we have in our suite’s capabilities. Our logo, the face of Housify, has also undergone a slight change. The letter “H” in the logo was remade to resemble the look of a house more than the previous logo. 

The Future of Productivity

As we roll out this exciting rebrand, we want to assure you that our commitment to empowering brokers remains unwavering. Housify continues to be the ultimate productivity suite designed to elevate your performance and streamline your operations. The fresh look and enhanced design are a testament to our dedication to providing you with the most user-friendly and impactful tools in the industry.

Embrace the Change

Change can be both invigorating and inspiring. The new Housify rebrand represents not just a visual overhaul, but also a commitment to continuously innovate and exceed expectations. As we usher in this exciting new phase, we invite you to embrace the change with us. We remain dedicated to supporting you on your journey to real estate success, now with a renewed and refreshing perspective.

The future is bright, bold, and filled with opportunities. Welcome to the new era of Housify – your trusted partner in reaching new heights of productivity and success in the world of real estate.

See our new look at housify.ph!