To Buy or Not to Buy: Condos vs House and Lots

December 13, 2022
In the Filipino culture context, nothing quite screams, “You’ve made it!” than a place you can call your own. Coming home to a space decorated according to your style and taste is a dream come true, but owning a property is easier said than done. Simply put, a home is a significant commitment. You’ll ...

No Place Like the South: Reasons to Choose Parañaque

December 13, 2022
Most people (not from the south) dismiss it as a place just “too far.” Although part of Metro Manila, it’s often regarded as removed from the rest of the city bustle, but not because of proximity.  Although it may not seem like it, the southern cities independently has their own central business district. It ...

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Condos in Metro Manila

December 13, 2022
Whether you’re a cat or dog person, you can’t deny the benefits of living with pets. Not only do these fur babies give their unconditional love on a daily basis, but they also help ease our worries and lessen our stress. If you’re a pet parent thinking of buying or renting a condo unit, ...

Budget-Friendly Condos in Metro Manila Worth Checking Out

December 13, 2022
Contrary to popular belief, you can find budget-friendly condo units in strategic locations around Metro Manila. While these developments are easier on the pocket, it doesn’t mean that you get less in terms of security and amenities. As proven by the condos below, you can find an affordable place to live and still enjoy ...

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