A Quick Guide to Moving to Your New Apartment

February 15, 2023

Moving can be highly stressful, even if you’ve already experienced it. So many things could go wrong. But nothing can be as rewarding as moving to another space to call your home. Because contrary to what you may believe, moving can be made less tiring and, at times, quite enjoyable. 

Before packing up your things, remember that looking at the bigger picture can help make the process easier. You need to consider documents, repairs, and other rather dull tasks. 

Moving demands a little patience and planning. So, we’ve categorized what you need to do based on a proper timeline, laid down in this quick and easy guide:

A Month Before Moving In: Sort the Papers

Before anything else, make sure that your contract is clean! And by that, we mean checking to see if you’re already allowed to move. 

You may need to provide your landlord prior notice, so speak to them directly. You can also bring up advanced payments or deposits, as you could use these to pay for this month’s rent rather than shell out more.

If you’re looking to purchase an apartment, on the other hand, now’s the time to review deeds of sale, reservation fees, financing, and other papers you need to close the sale.

By this time, you should also be able to organize your documents. You can do this either physically or online. The goal is to put your move-related documents somewhere accessible. These can include the following:

  • Existing contract and next contract (Sale or rent)
  • Valid IDs, such as a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, NBI Clearance, and more
  • Moving permits
  • Gate passes
  • Barangay clearance

Lastly, look for a reputable, professional mover. You won’t be able to move your bulky furniture on your own, so shop around as early as possible!

Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

A Week Before Moving In: Get Packing, Finalize Changes 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to sort through your belongings and purge what you no longer need. You can donate or sell things that no longer have room for your new apartment. 

At this point, also consider separating your valuables. Don’t pack them in boxes. This can include:

  • Sentimental and irreplaceable items, including heirlooms or photographs 
  • Medications, makeup, skincare 
  • Gadgets
  • Money 
  • Essential documents, such as contracts, insurance policies, loans

After this, update your address with your employer, bank, and credit card companies. You may also need to transfer or cancel certain services, including cable, water, internet, and electricity. 

Moving Day: Transport with Ease 

On the day of moving, you may want to do another round of quick cleaning. This can include taking out the trash, sweeping, and walking through each room to ensure you haven’t missed anything. 

You can also start packing the essentials in your car, even if the movers haven’t arrived yet. This gives you extra time and headspace to guide them through your things later. This also allows you to create an inventory of the items to be loaded and unloaded, ensuring that everything arrives safely. 

And after the stressful journey, it’s time to unpack! Begin with your essentials first. The rest of your belongings can wait.

No Sweat Moving for You

Moving to a new home can be exciting. But without proper planning, things can get hectic and stressful. A clear timeline of what you need to do can make the process easier. You enter the moving fray prepared, ensuring you can make the most out of the experience—and come out with your belongings intact!

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